CIf you’re planning for the ultimate road trip with your friends or family, then it is of utmost importance that you equip your vehicle with gadgets and accessories that you’ll need on the way. 

However, it’s important to realize that you won’t need all of these gadgets. Some of them might apply to you; some won’t. In this segment, we’ll go over the general list that everyone should at least consider.

All these accessories are chosen with one ultimate goal in mind: to make your trip easier and awesome. Hence, without further ado, here are the top 15 car gadgets that you should consider installing or taking with you!

1. Jump cables

Jump cables come in handy in the occasion that your car starts acting up and you might need the help of another to get it started. 

If you’re going with your friends and there will be other vehicles around, then it’s best to get a pair so that you’re always prepared for all sorts of scenarios. You can also buy jump start packs, in case you don’t have another car to help.

2. Steering wheel lock

It’s always better to safe than sorry. A steering wheel lock will ensure that your car is immune to any theft attempts. 

The lock will hold the steering wheel firmly in place, which will make it impossible for anyone to drive off with it.

3. A stinger

In the event of an accident, a stinger is the only equipment that will help you. A stinger comes with metal embedded on both ends that can help you shatter any sort of glass without any force or pressure. 

Furthermore, it is also equipped with a blade at one end that you can use to cut through seat belts.

4. Power bank

Let’s be real. You’ll have plenty of miscellaneous gadgets around that would need to be changed from time to time. Hence, it’s smart to pack ahead and get a good USB charger.

5. Air freshener

Vehicles are likely to end up stinking if people frequent it quite often. If you’re going on a long trip, then a good USB supported air freshener is a must. 

It will keep your vehicle dust and germs free and will make your car smell nice!

6. Dashcam

Record all the amazing things you do and the places you drive to using your dashcam! Furthermore, this will also help you record and relive your memories at a later time.

Dashcams can also be handy in the event of any crash disputes.

7. Tile Mate

A tile mate is a Bluetooth supported device that will help you locate your car keys through a mobile application. 

One part of it comes in the form of a key chain, which you can easily adjust and insert with your car keys. Regardless of where your keys are, this gadget will help you relocate them with ease.

8. Escort MAX

Whatever your reason for wanting to know where the speed cameras are on any given trip, Escot MAX will show you if there are any nearby. Just so you can keep a closer eye on your speed, of course.

9. Handpresso

As the name implies, this is arguably the easiest way you can go about if you want to make some coffee for yourself on the go

10. Automatic car adapter

The car adapter from Automatic is a marvellous gadget that is functional on almost all vehicles made; even those that were manufactured back in the 1990s. It’ll read the OBD diagnostic codes from your car to make sure everything is running smoothly, will track your driving and gives you cashless payment options for tolls, all through the handy app that comes with it.

This will give you access to a whole another variety of options to spice up your adventure!

11. Cassette Bluetooth adaptor

Some of us have cassettes that have all our favourite old-school tracks. If you want to listen to them on the adventure, then you can get a cassette Bluetooth adaptor that would make it all possible for you. 

12. Backseat organizer

The backseat organizer is the best way you can go about making sure that your car trip is organized and de-cluttered. This will pass on a chunk of responsibility to the individual seated along with it. 

Nonetheless, this is a great way to make sure that all the relevant documentation and paperwork are available at the go lest you require them.

13. Hudway Cast

A Hudway Cast is a transparent glass-like gadget that you can use as GPS. Due to its transparency, you can easily place it on the dashboard and maneuverer the road without looking at your phone or to your side. 

This will make the journey safer and easier for you, while also eliminating the need to check your phones for direction.

14. Wireless car charger

There will be times where you can’t physically keep the phone connected to the charger. 

Using a wireless charger will enable you to keep your phone on you, especially if you’re not seated on the front seat, and charge your phone while at it. Likewise, it will also make the trip more comfortable.

15. Good music system

A good music system is the holy grail of all amazing road trips. Invest in a good system that sits well in your vehicle and produces the right type of amplification and bass. 

When it comes to your gadgets, try to make sure that you make all of the points above work in conjunction rather than choosing one and ignoring the rest.

What are your must-have road trip gadgets?