Today it’s hard to impress with the new car. It needs to be more and more perfect and that is why car companies improve their vehicles every time.

Today let’s talk about the Opel Cascada, which will be coming out in spring 2013.

Bosses of German automaker Opel recently issued official information about the cost of a new four-seat convertible, which is called the Opel Cascada 2013. This car is supposed to replace the old Astra TwinTop.

The Opel Cascade will hit the German marketing around April 2013.

The base price of the new car — with a 1.4 turbo engine that can develop a power of 120 “horses” and is paired with a manual six-speed transmission — will be approximately 26,000 euros. Paying another one thousand euros, the owner will receive a 140 bhp version of the car.

The convertible version of the Opel Cascada will have a 1.6l engine with 170 bhp and will cost 28,000 euros. The 2.0l version will cost 30,000 euros (with 165 bhp) or 32,500 euros (for 195 hp).

For an extra 3,600 euros the car can be equipped with service called Innovation, which includes an adaptive headlamp system, separate climate control and improved sound insulation.

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