I headed to Donington with a one track mind. I always enjoy the 750 Motor Club, more so than ever considering I’m getting to know a lot of the people around the paddock, but this weekend I was focused on two things: stickers and the inner workings of a Vauxhall Nova.

IMG_9633Turn Eight is evolving but I’ll cover that in more detail later… I was at Donington to interview T8 driver (and writerPip Hammond for an upcoming magazine article. I let him get qualifying out of the way before we sat down to chat about the origins of his Nova, its setup and how it differs from a road-going model.

Watch out for the interview in Car Mechanics magazine in the near future.

I then let Pip get on with what he does best. Starting from the front row of the grid, laden with 80kg of success ballast, he lost a few places at the start but fought hard back up to second. It was an exciting race to watch with plenty of close racing and some great moves from all the drivers. Watch the action unfold from within the car below.

It’s so great to see all these different cars fighting up front and keeping it (relatively) clean. I had to head home on the Saturday night, which meant I missed Sunday’s Classic Stock Hatch race. Gosh am I regretting that.

I kept up with the live timings while I was sipping cocktails as part of Norwich Cocktail Week. No one knew why I was getting quite so excited. The reality, of course, was far more exciting. Lot’s of position changes up front, a bit of trading paint and a photo finish! Watch the full race below.

People wonder why I get so excited about inter-marque racing and classic hot hatches. There was one hundreth in this at the finish. That’s amazing and plenty of people are saying it was the best race of the season. I really want to get racing and it doesn’t help that I’ve been looking for gear on www.Onlysportsgear.com. It’s just fuelling the fire!

Watch this space for more on T8 Racing, our drivers and the future.