The way I tell people what I do on Youtube is this; imagine if Nick Park, creator of Wallace and Gromit, had been given some Hot Wheels cars to play with as a kid rather than Play-Doh, the stop-motion animations he would’ve made are pretty much the things I’m making now. Considering I can’t even draw humans, let alone mould them in plasticine, I think it probably was for the best that we got the toys we did.

I’m been doing Team Bombersports since early 2009. In 2013 I uploaded what I thought would be my swansong – the NASCAR Spitfire 400 – and the reaction and the waves of comments saying how awesome it was blew me away. And that has motivated me onwards ever since – making races like the NASCAR Abbot AleStorm, V8 Supercars London Super Sprint, and the NASCAR Race Gear 200. Have a look at the Team Bombersports YouTube Channel┬áto see all these and what I’m about.

Now that university is over, it’s time to get serious. Lots more ideas, grander sets, more special effects, and bigger projects than ever before. And these aren’t just pipe dreams – these are things I know I can do, and I’d love to share with the world.

I just need a helping hand from you, dear reader, to get there.

As I type, the campaign is in its final week. We’re well over halfway there. This means as we stand, the two new racetracks are ready to build – the NASCAR Crystal Palace Motor Speedway oval, and the London Olympic Park road course, aping Snetterton, Sebring and Bathurst.

From here on out, anything you pledge to the campaign will go on the following:

  • The London Sportscar Trophy stop-motion race/film. This will use my new road course and bring the stars of the FIA World Endurance Championship to town. So with your help, cars like the Toyota TS040, Audi R18 e-tron Quattro, Nissan GTR-LM NISMO, Porsche 919 Hybrid, DeltaWing, Corvette C7R and more will be in a jam-packed field for a stop motion race bigger, longer and more uncut than anything I’ve done before. And there’s also some pretty special talent lined up on commentary…but this can only happen with your help.
  • New Indycar models for a future Indycar stop motion race
  • A potential F1 Stop Motion race, the London Grand Prix!
  • A brand new PC to help me produce better quality videos faster than ever.

There’s a vast list of perks and rewards for all pledgers, including HD downloads of upcoming races, a Monster Energy cap, signed NASCAR models from my previous stop-motion races (own a piece of Youtube history!) and way more. Check all of this out on Indiegogo.

Anything you guys can pledge will make a massive impact; you are essentially helping launch Team Bombersports as a permanent channel for potentially years to come. And the best bit? Unlike real races, my stop-motion races will ALWAYS be entertaining races; because I can say so!

Big thanks to the Turn Eight team for their support in the campaign, and thank you all for reading, pledging, and sharing!