Write for us

We are on the hunt for regular and one-off contributors. Please pitch your ideas to jess@turneight.co.uk. We’re particularly keen on driver interviews, breaking news, race reports and opinion pieces.

Please send over previous examples of your work. We may accept new writers with amazing ideas.

While it’s not a lot, we do pay for the majority of posts because writers shouldn’t work for free.

If you are looking to do a promotional/sponsored post, please bear in mind this is classed as advertising and charges may apply.


Your pitch needs to sell the story to us. What’s the hook? Is this a new take on an old topic? Has this been done to death? Who will you interview? Why should you be writing this and not someone else?

Ask yourself all these questions then tell us too.

As for the writing itself, we’re quite casual in our language. The odd swear word never hurt anyone, right? We do want proper grammar and sentence structure, though. If you can’t display this in your pitch then we’re unlikely to accept your story.

If you can provide images, that’ll make us really happy but don’t worry if you can’t.

The editor has the final say in the piece and may change elements to best suit the site. That being said, we won’t change your tone of voice, nor will we change quotes or the meat of the story.

Please put ‘Pitch:’ at the beginning of the email subject so we know to make a cup of tea and get ready for some interesting reading…