We stayed up until midnight to watch qualifying. The Red Bulls locked out the front row and it felt like an indication that 2013 was going to be more of the same.

That wasn’t the case, however. The tyres seemed to throw a few people. The super soft tyres that had been used for qualifying had to be changed just a few laps in.

Most of the teams were running on three-stop strategies. Kimi Raikkonen, however, managed his tyres in a two-stop strategy. This meant that by lap 23 he was leading the race.

Sutil was well up there in the mix with the likes of Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonen and Hamilton. This is because he started out on the medium compound tyre while most others were in the super softs. Once he did need to pit, though, he moved down the order finally coming in seventh.

Top 10

1. Kimi Raikkonen – Lotus 1:30:03.225
2. Fernando Alonso – Ferrari +00:12.451
3. Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull +00:22.346
4. Felipe Massa – Ferrari +00:33.577
5. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes +00:45.561
6. Mark Webber – Red Bull +00:46.800
7. Adrian Sutil – Force India +01:64.068
8. Paul di Resta – Force India +01:67.449
9. Jenson Button – McLaren +01:80.630
10. Romain Grosjean – Lotus +01:81.759

The poor McLarens didn’t do too well with Button in ninth and Perez in eleventh. It looks like they don’t quite have the pace we’d normally expect from them. Button said: “We didn’t expect to get that many [points] but it doesn’t really ease the pain.

“I think we’re going to have a tough week. Malaysia is next weekend and we can’t do too much before then. We’re not suddenly going to be competitive.”

I’m pleased Kimi won the race. He might have a real shot at a second title this year. However, Australia is a weird race. It’s a bit different to all other tracks so we still aren’t going to know what to expect from this year until after Malaysia. That being said, the McLarens are slow but Lotus seem fast, Mercedes too and Red Bull, of course.

Looking forward to next week. This race wasn’t exactly inspiring. (I was asleep for most of it…).