Last year I spent two glorious days at the Autosport International Show but this year I could only make the show for one day. Thankfully that was more than enough. It was, like last year, an exercise in completely changing my mind about the car I wanted to buy. The show was full of beautiful cars, exciting racing action, a number of stars and the chance to see Pop Bang Colour at work (again).

IMG_2778I rocked up to the show in a new 5-door Vauxhall Corsa, which had a very fun 1.4 turbo engine, full review coming soon.

IMG_2652This show was a chance for me to finally meet one of these beasts in person. I was all aflutter. The sheer beauty of this Mustang is difficult for me to grasp and I will own one of these one day. A right hand drive Mustang is the best thing that could happen to the UK but the ridiculous price puts it a fair way out of my budget for the next car. Soon, my pretty.

IMG_2653This car, however, stirred something within me and it’s not entirely out of my budget. I’ve been fond of the Toyota GT86 for a while now but I didn’t realise quite how attractive they wee until I met this one in person. It’s sleek but has this ferocity that I hope translates into how it drives. A RWD car is such fun and I can just imagine myself taking on Norfolk’s roads in one of these. (Didn’t I say that about the Abarth last year?)

IMG_2772The artistic process. PopbangColour was working on a Ferrari LaFerrari, see the finished thing over on his Twitter. I also came away from the show with a print of a Camaro, there seems to be a very muscle car theme to my PopbangColour art collection.


IMG_2664Still endlessly drawn to this car, the Audi Quattro.



IMG_2684The Live Action Arena show was an excuse for me to get too excited about Terry Grant all over again. This time he was joined by Petter Solberg who showed off skills I never knew he had by surfing on the side of this car. Later in the show Terry also showed off alongside the epic (and very, very loud) Swampthing Monster Truck.