You may have already seen the the first two episodes of Road Trip in which I review a Kia Sorento and then a Ford Kuga but we’ve just finished episode three and I’m so excited to share a few behind the scenes photos with you. This edition of the show is quite special to me because I finally get around to reviewing my beloved Abarth.

This video is a little behind the scenes look at what we get up to but watch this space because Nell is working on a more detailed piece about our adventures now we are three episodes into the show.



I got the chance to try a bit of radio controlled racing. It’s tough but so much fun. I took my usual learning pace of slow and steady and found that I was just oversteering terribly. Once I give the little car a bit more speed, it was much easier to control. I can definitely see more of these little racers in my future.


This is one of the 1/10th scale cars without its bodywork on. You can see the different components, independent suspension and the slick tyres (not the kind of tyres you’d get from, these are little ones). There’s a lot you can upgrade on these cars and I realised that the RC racing world is very similar to full size motorsport.



The MOST glamorous assistant. Not only is she a fabulous make up artist, helper and co-pilot but her height makes her pretty handy for grip work.


This was the point of pure bliss when I listened back to Neill’s recordings of the Abarth’s engine noise.



The talent.


I look pleased with myself because I’d been wheel spinning the Abarth up and down this road. I fear for my tyres though, perhaps time for a trip to Tyre-Shopper



IMG_9951All in all, a bloody brilliant day. Thank you to our cameraman Neill, Cambridge TV, the Cambridge Radio Controlled Circuit Car Club, Nell, Cuckoo Clothing — who loaned me this amazing dress — and the residents of this arse-end-of-nowhere bit of Cambridgeshire for putting up with me roaring around in my little racer.