British Superkart Championship – Round Two
Silverstone, 8th/9th June


Round two of the British Superkart championship takes us to the home of motorsport in our fair land, Silverstone. Whilst not my favourite circuit in the country, it is one of the few that we encounter this year that I have previous experience with, having raced it back in 2007 with the 750MC VW Golf Series.

Disappointingly, my memories of the circuit from then are fleeting now – it rained, and I span after an overly optimistic overtake attempt into Maggots – although I remember we were at the track shortly after the F1 round that year, and we were in the McLaren garage. Which was pretty cool. I also remember that was when I first realised how cavernous the garages actually are without the F1 equipment inside them.

On-track at Silverstone, 2007.

I feel Silverstone needs little introduction, so I will not elaborate too much. The ex-RAF base is one of the most famous circuits in Britain, having held F1 races almost continuously since 1950. Of late, it seems to be be famed more for it’s poor traffic management (something we did experience at the Silverstone Half Marathon in March), but it offers something unique and steeped in history to the F1 calendar, representing the many RAF base conversions that are found around our country masquerading as car and kart circuits.

The layout we will be racing on is the shorter National configuration, which uses the old F1 pit-lane and start-finish line – meaning Copse is the first turn. It then follows the GP circuit until Maggots where it loops back on itself and rejoins the GP circuit at Wellington Straight, before taking Brooklands, Luffield and Woodcote.

It is a fast, wide circuit which I imagine will be quite different to Castle Combe. We are also joined by the Division 1 Superkart championship, which follows the faster spec European series regulations, meaning that the grid is up to capacity (50 karts) from the 33 that were on track at the first event.

We are on-track both Saturday and Sunday, racing on the Sunday. Advance tickets are £9 and can be bought on the Silverstone website.

Track times
Saturday, 8th : Practice 10.40am; Qualifying 2.10pm
Sunday, 9th : Race One 10.35am; Race Two 4.50pm

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