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First car loyalty: The Škoda edition

For many new drivers, choosing The First Car feels like being forcibly dragged into a volatile ocean of pre-loved hatchbacks. Corsas to the left of you, Micras to the right; the variety of choice is staggering, even on the tightest of budgets.

The Abarth 500

After seeing the Abarth stand at the Autosport Show, sitting in a 595 and generally dribbling over all the pretty cars, I knew that I had to have one. This came from months of agonising over Audi, Abarth, Vauxhall, VW and on and on. But actually meeting all those cars at the Autosport Show made me realise that it’s the Abarth for me.

2’s better than 1

BMW is finally embracing the even number, after years of 1, 3, 5 and 7 Series. 6 years after its release the 1 Series coupe has been killed off to make way for the new baby coupe in the range, the 2 Series. Basically all BM’s new two doors will be even numbered while the rest of the family will remain odds. So what is new with the 2?

Focus on this

I was a child who grew up the 1990’s a decade where cars started to evolve. Evolve from 20 years of boxy shapes and beige interiors into rounded, efficient, s...