Formula One

The new Williams Martini livery is hot!

Williams has released its new livery complete with beautiful Martini branding. I like how simple this car but the pop of colour from the stripes just gives it an exciting, retro look. Although, I'm not sure why all of these pictures have an Instagram-style filter on them.

The Autosport International Show 2014

This show did so much for my car obsession. I got see to everything from Abarths to a Mustang to a chrome Lambo to old F1 cars. I also had the pleasure of standing very close to the track in the Live Action arena and getting very dirty (careful...) in the process. I'm going to tell this story in pictures because I'm still a little giddy from all the pretty cars.

Fans turn out to support Michael Schumacher

Schmacher has been in a medically induced for five days since he sustained a head injury while skiing. He's currently undergoing treatment at Grenoble hospital and is critical but stable. I'm not going to go into all of the gory details (Daily Mail have that covered and I'm not going to link to the article) but I wanted to look at the bus loads of fans who turned up today to show their support.
F1 2014 rules

F1 2014 Rules: Just let them race!

Some new rules have been introduced and it's like the FIA are ripping up the rulebook in order to make the sport more entertaining. Sure, the end of this season was a little boring but not enough to stop me watching. If anything the FIA should be encouraging the other teams to catch Red Bull not make it harder for Red Bull to win.
greatest driver

Who is the greatest driver of our generation?

I am an official blogger for the Autosport International Show 2014. As part of that, I've been tasked with writing a piece on who I think is the greatest F1 driver of our generation. That's difficult. It's so hard to pin down one driver who stands out above the rest - actually perhaps it's not but several emotional reasons stop it from being easy.

Fair Play

Sebastian Vettel, a pole sitting winning machine. Or at least that is what this year’s F1 season is quickly turning into to…. again. I don’t usually write about F1 matters on TurnEight but after watching South Korea’s GP last weekend I have been prompted to say something...