Stuttgart Teil Zwei: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Now for the hard part, if you have read what I had to say about the Porsche museum you might know what I’m talking about. Part two of my trip to Stuttgart was a trip to the Mercedes Benz Museum, all nine floors of it. I gained huge respect for Mercedes on my afternoon at the museum not only that I think I fell in love with the brand.
driving in europe

Driving in Europe – The law, tips and practical advice

This is the first of a a number of posts aimed at road trippers looking to head off across Europe. Some countries require you to have your headlights on at all times, some ask you to carry a fire extinguisher in your car and in some countries it's illegal not to have a GB (or wherever you're from) sticker on your car.

[Video] Fucking indicate part two

So, you may have seen this post. Well now we have it in video form. I assume you'd rather watch my face than read words on the screen, right? As a side note, well done to everyone who does obey the rules of the road even when they are in a car park. That's how it should be. Actually, you get no congratulations. Just keep doing the right thing.