Sport Quattro

Legendary Sport Quattro Set for Concept Revival

The mere whisper of the word ‘Quattro’ is enough to excite the vast majority of motoring fans. When Audi first perfected the four wheel drive system and dominated the rally scene for the next two years, people began to take notice of the advantages it could bring to regular road going vehicles.

The Autosport International Show 2014

This show did so much for my car obsession. I got see to everything from Abarths to a Mustang to a chrome Lambo to old F1 cars. I also had the pleasure of standing very close to the track in the Live Action arena and getting very dirty (careful...) in the process. I'm going to tell this story in pictures because I'm still a little giddy from all the pretty cars.

Stuttgart Teil Zwei: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Now for the hard part, if you have read what I had to say about the Porsche museum you might know what I’m talking about. Part two of my trip to Stuttgart was a trip to the Mercedes Benz Museum, all nine floors of it. I gained huge respect for Mercedes on my afternoon at the museum not only that I think I fell in love with the brand.

Fans turn out to support Michael Schumacher

Schmacher has been in a medically induced for five days since he sustained a head injury while skiing. He's currently undergoing treatment at Grenoble hospital and is critical but stable. I'm not going to go into all of the gory details (Daily Mail have that covered and I'm not going to link to the article) but I wanted to look at the bus loads of fans who turned up today to show their support.

The Regal Road to Land Rover Reign

I don't normally post infographics here (usually because they are shit) but this one really caught my eye. I love the idea of the Queen standing up in the back of that 1954 Land Rover, waving elegantly. Take a look at the Fun Facts section, the Queen's own Land Rover was used in the film The Queen to make it as authentic as possible.