2’s better than 1

BMW is finally embracing the even number, after years of 1, 3, 5 and 7 Series. 6 years after its release the 1 Series coupe has been killed off to make way for the new baby coupe in the range, the 2 Series. Basically all BM’s new two doors will be even numbered while the rest of the family will remain odds. So what is new with the 2?

Fair Play

Sebastian Vettel, a pole sitting winning machine. Or at least that is what this year’s F1 season is quickly turning into to…. again. I don’t usually write about F1 matters on TurnEight but after watching South Korea’s GP last weekend I have been prompted to say something...

A Kia GTI, really?

I’ll start with an question; can a Kia be fun and interesting? 2013 may well be the year we get that answer with the release, later this year, of the Kia Pro ...