[Video] Fucking indicate part two

So, you may have seen this post. Well now we have it in video form. I assume you'd rather watch my face than read words on the screen, right? As a side note, well done to everyone who does obey the rules of the road even when they are in a car park. That's how it should be. Actually, you get no congratulations. Just keep doing the right thing.

Choosing a new car

Picking a new car, one of lifes great events surely? Picking a brand, a model, an engine, a colour and all the optional extra’s you want is a bit like the adult equivalent of an 8 year old with a gift voucher for Toy R Us. So you would imagine that someone like myself who writes about cars all day long and advises others what to spend their cash on would find it easy to pick a new car, right? Wrong.

Taxis a testament to internal combustion

I am someone obsessed by things with wheels, so naturally taxis as one of the most abundant things on the roads have always fascinated me. Recently though the humble taxi has taken on a new meaning for me, they’ve shown me how great internal combustion can be, they do so far more than a statistic shattering Veyron ever could...