The automotive industry is in constant need for showrooms and maintenance facilities.  Temporary buildings provided quick and economic solutions when they are needed. They have quickly gained popularity various industries and those that have not caught on are taking notice.

Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

Vehicle maintenance facilities must meet certain standards. The people working therein should be able to move about freely and work in an environment that is airy and bright.

Therefore, a good company should be able to provide bright, airy space that is spacious enough to carry out repairs and safely store the necessary equipment needed for maintaining and services motor vehicles. An excellent facility will have the following features:

  •             Flexibility of the design
  •             Large spaces
  •             cost-friendly
  •             Ease of installment
  •             Durability
  •             Quick delivery

You can rely on  to present a customised temporary facility that will meet your every requirement. Construction and delivery is done in a few weeks, therefore we will delivery within the timeline set. A temporary building will ensure that you save money on planning and construction.

Temporary Showrooms

You may want a showroom but the location you choose lacks the space you need. Your best bet in this case is a temporary building. Smart Space can quickly construct and deliver the facility you need to any location of your choice.

You might also want to avoid a major a costly remodeling project on your present facility especially if you need the showroom for a limited period. Temporary buildings are meant to provide quick and cost-effective solutions for such instances.

Smart Space has you covered. All that is required of you is to choose your location, specify the size you require, select a design and any other specifications and your temporary showroom will be up and running in a few weeks. You must also include the period of use. How many months or years do you need the temporary facility for?

Benefits of temporary showrooms

Here are a few reasons why a temporary showroom or maintenance facility may be your best alternative:

  •             Your current facility no longer meets your needs
  •             Your rented facility is no longer available
  •             You only need it for a specific period of time
  •             As a replacement for ruined facilities following a disaster such as fire
  •             To extend your current facility
  •             Your business has grown and you need extra space
  •             You do not have the funds required to build a permanent facility

The greatest advantage of a temporary building is most probably cost-effectiveness because you are able to acquire the space you need with all the facilities that a permanent structure brings, but on a budget. This is closely followed by speed and the fact that you can relocate your temporary building. You may never feel the need to have a permanent facility built.

Other benefits include limited requirements for foundation as well as customised designs. You can have your building tailored to your specific needs and have energy efficient insulation options fitted in.

Besides, temporary showrooms and maintenance facilities are eco-friendly in that they mainly rely on natural lighting and aeration. With sufficient ventilation and a translucent covering, there is little need for artificial energy during the day which saves you hefty power bills every month.