Four new pit garages are being built at Le Mans ready for a 60-car grid in 2017. Two of the four new garages will be used at the 2016 race in June where a grid of 58 cars can be expected.

The extension is located a pit-out – at the former location of Parc Ferme – and excavation has already started to lay the necessary pipe work. On top of the new garages, a flat screen will be installed, giving those sitting on the pit-straight a great view of all the action.

Additional track work is also being done at the Porsche curves and there will be a new road that will bypass Indianapolis Corner to Arnage, which had previously been a public road.

While four more cars on the grid might not make a huge amount of difference to the 24-hour race, the expansion of this track just goes to show the popularity of the infamous race both with competitors and spectators.