As temperatures fall and scraping the windscreen becomes the normal morning routine, you might be considering the possibility of fitting cold weather or winter tyres. Switching from summer to winter rubber and vice versa can nonetheless be a confusing and expensive process for the consumer. A recent spate of milder winters hasn’t helped, meaning drivers find it harder to justify making the change.

With a firm eye on cost, you may wish to brave the winter months with summer tyres, but if the weather turns, it could well be a decision you’ll regret when the need arises to tackle icy and snow covered roads. And if you have plans to stick with winter tyres throughout the warmer seasons, you’ll face other challenges; higher temperatures of the summer can cause the colder weather tyres to wear much faster with the resulting replacement cost potentially eclipsing the price of a second set of seasonal tyres.

Keep calm. There’s a solution

EUROALL SEASON AS200-1The best solution for the UK may well be a hybrid or all-season tyre, one that is developed specifically to be used all year, offering improved traction on dry, wet and even snowy roads without compromising on comfort or grip in the summer

More and more tyre manufacturers are now offering all-season tyres including Japanese manufacturer Falken. “All Season tyres are designed to offer a safe driving experience all year round without needing to switch tyres twice a year,” says Falken’s Matt Smith. “They offer good traction in the wet and dry and even if a harsh winter does come, they can cope with snow.”

To cope with colder weather, Falken’s AS200 contains enhanced levels of silica and a high proportion of styrene groups that provide exceptional levels of grip and handling on wet surfaces. Four wide and deep longitudinal grooves ensure excellent dispersal of even high volumes of water. With All Season tyres enjoying a longer life, Falken has developed a specific built-in anti-aging mechanism. This permeates continuously from the lower reservoir tread to the outer tread, protecting the running surface against premature wear from exposure to aggressive environmental influences.

With most of the UK not experiencing the harsher climates that mandate winter tyres in countries such as Germany, the All Season tyre may be the right choice for the UK, come rain or shine!