I was reading an article recently about polarized sunglasses on Sunglasses Restorer and it got me thinking about the kinds of accessories we wear while driving.


I have a pair of pretty standard prescription sunglasses that get my through long drives and while they’re anti-glare, they don’t always do the job. For seasoned drivers, especially those of you with convertibles, I’d consider polarized lenses.

These have a number of benefits to polarized lenses, including:

  • Reduction of annoying reflections on flat and transparent surfaces: sea, road, snow, rivers, pools etc.
  • Greater colour contrast: the light reaches our eyes in a more natural way by blocking unwanted reflections, thus providing a much higher colour definition than conventional sunglasses.
  • Increased brightness in low light conditions: shaded areas also get more contrast and this causes the perception of a greater degree of illumination, which provides a more natural vision.

Do bear in mind that because of the way polarized lenses block light, you might struggle with some types of GPS devices. Before buying any tech for your car, make sure they work with your sunglasses. It’s very frustrating not being able to see the map on the screen.


IMG_2085My go-to shoes for driving are a pair of Gucci slips ons that I bought while out shopping with one of my favourite drivers, Rebecca Racer. Despite these being expensive designer shoes, they mostly get worn in the car before I change into less practical shoes.

I post about them enough though that people recognise them about as much as they recognise me (which, admittedly, isn’t that much). Look out for the pink Guccis, I’m usually at the other end.


Another must-have for a seasoned driver. I’d got for a pair of retro driving gloves that would look at home in a Triumph Stag or Austin Metro. If you have the budget, go for leather gloves as they’ll last a long time and they give that authentic gentleman driver look (regardless of gender).

If you’re really dedicated to your driving, go all out and get some racing gloves. The grip is amazing and they’re fireproof too.

What do you wear when you drive?