A campervan with twice the horsepower of traditional one, zero emissions, 0-30 in eight seconds and can sleep four adults. Oh, and it’s powered by electricity.

Since my interview with Robert Llewellyn went live on Fully Charged, I’ve been talking about all things EV once again. I’ve been reminded how much I love the peace of an electric car. The idea of taking one around the country that I can actually sleep in just screams freedom and adventure to me.

Enter eDub Trips, a north Yorkshire company looking to raise money to continue turning campervans into electric adventure machines. The company, set up my mother-son team Gilly and Kit Lacey, decided to convert a seventies camper into something more eco-friendly.


Gilly Lacey has a PHD in Lithium Ion Battery Degradation and Vehicle to Grid Application so she has a pretty good idea of what creating a product like this takes!

Although the first few years were not as easy as they first thought, eDub Trips is now ready to change both the camper van hire market and the Electric Vehicle industry with their all-electric campers. Campsites and National Parks love the eDub because of it’s zero emissions. Plus, the more eDubs that are built, the lower the prices will become for all electric vehicles worldwide. eDub Trips offer a conversion service for any vehicle to make them electric.

The company is raising money through Kickstarter to ensure they can keep converting old campers and bringing EV camping to the world. You can pledge here from just £1.