I didn’t always enjoy driving. In fact, it was often difficult to get me to drive anywhere. I think this is partly because I had to drive a 50-mile round trip to work every day on really boring roads, so when it was the choice between me driving or my boyfriend, I’d always let him.

I don’t know when things changed but once I stopped doing that job, I gave myself more time to go out and really enjoy a drive. This is where my vehicle obsession started. I’d had some experience of road trips when driving across America (well, being driven) and the need for another grew and grew. It was only when it came to the Cat Trip that I realised how right it was for me to be in a car, exploring the world.

So, from someone who hated driving, to someone who loves it, here are some tips to enjoying yourself on the road.

Go for a drive

Instead of seeing driving as a way to get from A to B, just go for a drive with no desitination or purpose and simply enjoy the feel of the open road. This is best done on a beautiful day where you can really appreciate the scenery.

Visit amazing places

Drive somewhere spectacular. It might be up into the mountains, across Europe or to a city you’ve never been to before. Don’t just drive to the shops and back, or to visit family. Use your car to explore the world.

Take the scenic route


Motorways are boring and sometimes it pays to ditch those dull, grey stretches of road for more interesting country roads. You don’t have to drive to your car’s limit to enjoy these roads, you can take them slow and steady and simply drink in the surroundings.

Embrace that freedom


Slight detour on the way home from Sweden…

Use your car to get you to places you wouldn’t normally be able to visit. The joy of having a car while on holiday means you can visit the sites that aren’t necessarily near to where you’re staying. This is the reason I now drive to the destinations I want to visit because it gives me the chance to visit beyond that one place. A four hour detour is nothing….

Get a good car

You’ll enjoy driving more if you can fall in love with a car. Find something you love to drive and you’ll find yourself doing much more of it. It doesn’t matter what people think of the car you choose so put aside all those preconceptions of what makes a good car, or what your friends think is a good car, and experience different vehicles until you fall in love. One you find a car that makes you feel confident and happy, you’ll be more than eager to hit the open road.