So we all know we’re getting new cars and engines next year and hopefully that’s going to make the racing exciting and bring the teams much closer together (at least for the first half of the season).

Now some new rules have been introduced and it’s like the FIA are ripping up the rulebook in order to make the sport more entertaining. Sure, the end of this season was a little boring but not enough to stop me watching. If anything the FIA should be encouraging the other teams to catch Red Bull not make it harder for Red Bull to win. I don’t see how bringing in double points for the last race will do anything more than trivialise all other races. More points for third in Abu Dhabi than a win at a tough track such as Monaco or Spa. That seems ludicrous.

I understand the need to stop Vettel’s reign of terror before it gets out of hand but this is just silly. The team are doing brilliant things and Seb’s a great driver, it seems odd they should be penalised for that.

I didn’t watch F1 when Ferrari were dominant but I’m aware that those races were even more dull than the ones we have now and the reason that various other regulation changes were brought in to place. I assume that made racing more interesting but I still don’t understand why the FIA feel it necessary to change rules to stop a team winning when they should be changing rules to get the field to close.

I’m not an expert in all this but instead of changing things to make it harder for the best team to win, the F1 2014 rules should make it easier for the lower teams to get funding and development.

I think, no matter what the FIA had done about this new era of German dominance, we’d have something to complain about. Do nothing and we’d complain that Vettel was running away with all the races and that Formula One was getting boring. Change the rules and we complain that it’s wrong. We don’t like change.

Does the final race matter?

F1 2014 rulesIn short, yes. Andrew Benson said in his BBC column: “In 2012, Fernando Alonso would have beaten Sebastian Vettel; in 2008, Felipe Massa would have denied Lewis Hamilton; and in 2003 Kimi Raikkonen would have edged out Michael Schumacher.”

What’s done is done and I’m looking forward to seeing the Championship come down to the last race. (Although Vettel still would’ve won this year, even with double points in Brazil.) I don’t think there’s any way that next season can be boring.

Bring on sprinklers and snow machines in 2015, right?