I haven’t been reviewing every race this season, simply because there are other people out there who do it so much better than I ever could. What could I say that you haven’t heard various different TV pundits saying at least three times during the build up, race and post-race shows?

However, just to let you all know I’m not dead, I thought I’d weigh in on how far we’ve come. On Red Bull’s crappy performance to being hot on Mercedes heels; how Roseberg’s ‘I-only-came-second face breaks my heart; and whether or not it’s boring having one team dominating (again).

Let’s tackle that latter point…

The Mercedes domination


Back when Seb was winning all the things, I didn’t mind. Sure, races got boring but he was the best driver, in the best car. Surely him winning was only right? Now, we have two very good drivers in the two best cars and they’re winning. Thankfully, this time we have two drivers battling it out at the front rather than one running away with the win.

There have been a few races that I’ve really enjoyed but, for the most part, I’m still focussing more attention on Twitter during the middle of the race than on the cars themselves. The reason for this is that I’m a little bored and you guys on Twitter are hilarious. Then we get to the end of a race and we get to seem team mates going at it (*snigger*). I love that but I wish just a little more would happen mid-race, even further down the field.

I don’t know how long Rosberg is going to put up with coming second to Hamilton.



I’ve lost count of how many times Maldonado has crashed in these last races. Is it four times during the last three race weekends? Regardless, he’s never finished as race at Monaco and that’s coming up. Something tells me we shouldn’t bet on both Lotus cars finishing the next race.

Despite Lotus’ struggles during testing and the early races, it looks like they (Grosjean at least) are back to form.

Smiley, happy Ricciardo


That podium being taken away from Ricciardo after the Australian GP was just harsh so I can’t tell you how pleased I am that he got third in Spain. I know I was torn at the beginning of this season as to who I’d be cheering for but it’s 100% Dan.

I hope he can continue to bring the fight to the Mercedes.

No Caterham next year

Tony Fernandes has said that if Caterham fail to score a point this year then the team will probably be pulled from Formula One. That would hurt but at the moment it looks like a reality. The fight at the back has been more-or-less dominated by the Marussias.

I’m not entirely sure what I’d feel if this were to happen. A numbness, perhaps. It wouldn’t ruin F1 for me, of course. I have plenty of people to cheer for but how I feel about Caterham is so ingrained in me now that it’d be very strange not to have a team. Perhaps I’d have to admit my Red Bull loyalties.

How are you enjoying the season so far?