I wasn’t going to do a post on Michael Schumacher’s ski accident but as fans turned out to hold a vigil on his 45th birthday I thought I might do the same in my own little way.

Schmacher has been in a medically induced for five days since he sustained a head injury while skiing. He’s currently undergoing treatment at Grenoble hospital and is critical but stable. I’m not going to go into all of the gory details (Daily Mail have that covered and I’m not going to link to the article) but I wanted to look at the bus loads of fans who turned up today to show their support.

It’s a lovely thing and the Schumacher family have already said how much they appreciate the support from the fans.

I’m thinking of Schumi and his family. I hope everything turns out okay.

I did see a worrying tweet that made it look like fans were invading the hospital, blocking entrances and generally getting in the way, though.

Pianieri tweeted this photo with a message in Italian which vaguely translated to: “The situation becomes chaotic and unmanageable with fans and cameramen blocking the entrance of the hospital.” I hope this isn’t true or has been greatly exaggerated. Schumi isn’t the only patient and I hate to think that F1 fans are stopping doctors from doing their work, emergencies getting through or family seeing their loved ones.

I can’t find any reports on the fans being a nuisance so I hope the situation has been properly controlled.