The Ferrari launch was full of glitz and glamour. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch much past the car unveiling as I had to head out. There was a lot of talk from Stefano Domenicali, which I tuned out.

The Ferrari F138 is beautiful. There’s a bit more sponsorship but nothing as horrific as Lotus’ Bum. Last year’s Ferrari Lego car set my expectations quite low for this launch but when the car was revealled from under that shiny blanket, I let out a little ‘oooh’. (That’s not some weird euphemism…)

The whole design is really sleek. The nose is a little high, it looks higher than the other cars that have been launched, although that’s probably not because the chassis/front wing is higher. There’s rules for that, yo. I think all the other cars just have a bit more of a downward slope.

I’m not generally a Ferrari fan but all the history, and the beauty of the road cars means that the team just feels a bit special to me. The pomp and ceremony of the launch wasn’t really to my taste but the thing that matters, the car, is hella pretty.

Do I need to watch the full launch? How much Fernando Alonso and/or Rob Smedley was there?