Whether you rely on your van for work, travel, or even for living in, keeping it in top shape is absolutely essential.

You don’t want to miss out on a job, visiting a new destination, or have to worry about your living arrangements because your van has broken down, so it’s extremely important to keep on top of maintenance and upkeep.

The good news is that taking small steps to stay ahead with the care and maintenance of your van will help you avoid the need to spend any large amounts of money on big repair jobs.

We’ve put together some top maintenance tips that every van owner should know, no matter what purpose your van serves in your life.

Drive Safely

Driving safely isn’t just important for minimising your risk on the road and that of those around you. Sticking to speed limits, braking in good time, and avoiding swerving around corners doesn’t just ensure that you’re a safe, responsible driver who’s less likely to be involved in an accident.

This style of driving is also much better for your van, causing less wear, tear and pressure on your engine, tyres and bodywork. Slowing down more as you approach bends and curves and making a conscious effort to be less heavy on the brakes will help to reduce tyre abrasion levels, which in turn means your tyres will last longer.

Keep on Top of the Basics

It’s all too easy to forget about the basics of van maintenance, such as keeping on top of your washer fluid levels and making sure that your tyres are regularly inflated to the correct pressure. It can be easy to forget about topping up your washer fluid until you’re stuck in bad weather with none left and can’t see properly due to the dirt caked on your windscreen. So, don’t let it get this bad – being unable to see clearly through your windscreen can be a huge hazard to yourself and others on the road.

Regularly top up your washer fluid and make sure that you always have some on hand in the van in case you get caught short on the road. The same goes for air in your tyres – don’t let them go almost flat before you inflate them! Not only does this put more pressure on the tyres but it will also have a negative impact on the amount of fuel your van is using. Checking your tyre pressure weekly is a great habit to get into.

Have Regular Services

The best way to make sure that your van is kept in the best shape and condition is by investing in regular services. Check your van’s service history to see when it is next due maintenance work – this will usually be at the point of reaching a certain mileage amount, or after a certain amount of time has passed; whichever is sooner.

If your van has not been serviced in a few years, it’s a wise idea to get it booked in for one as soon as possible. Servicing will include all essential maintenance such as an oil change and essential vehicle repairs to keep your van running at optimum performance levels. You should easily be able to find someone local to you and a quick online search will point you in the right direction.

For example, anyone living in Newquay (or even planning to stay there on holiday for a few days) will find The Garage Co Ltd who are a family run business that offer just about every vehicle service you may require. If you’re not in this area, simply search “local garage near me” and take a look at the contenders!   

Keep it Clean

After a long day of driving, the last thing that you might be thinking about doing is scrubbing and washing your van. But whether you do it yourself or pay somebody else to do it for you, keeping your van clean on a regular basis doesn’t just make sure that it looks clean and shiny, but it also helps to avoid issues such as rusting. And, giving your van a thorough clean means that you’ll also be able to clean the headlights and taillights – since dirt and dust accumulates on these over time, keeping them clean regularly will help you maintain optimum visibility at all times.

Check the Engine Often

If you use your van for work or travel and are often driving long distances, then it’s worth being aware of the strain that this can put on your engine.

Driving long distances on a regular basis can quickly lead to engine problems if you don’t make regular maintenance a priority. Check the engine oil and coolant levels on a regular basis and make sure that they are topped up before any long trips.

Whether you live, work or travel in your van, regular maintenance is essential for getting the most out of it!