We all know the obvious things we might get pulled over for in the UK. Speeding, using a mobile phone while driving and being clearly intoxicated behind the wheel. These are all big no-nos but there are some driving laws you might not know about.

Don’t honk your horn

The only time you’re allowed to honk your horn is to alert other vehicles to your presence. This might be if you’re coming over a bridge with poor visibility or you see a car reversing towards you who might not know you’re there.

Your horn is not to tell people that you’re frustrated with how slowly they are going.

Make sure your number plate is readable

It is illegal to have an obscured number plate so whether your number plate is in terrible condition, or simply dirty, you could get pulled over if it can’t be read. Check if you need new number plates before any long journey and keep your car clean.

Legal replacement number plate suppliers can offer you alternative and bespoke specifications for your plates, but they must adhere to DVLA law.

It’s illegal to warn other cars of speed cameras

Flashing your headlights to warn other cars of an upcoming speed camera is illegal. Many drivers see this as vigilante justice but it is against the law and could get you pulled over.

Eating at the wheel could get you pulled over

Unlike the law against mobile phones, there aren’t any specific laws about eating or drinking behind the wheel (unlike Cyprus, which has a zero-tolerance policy against this). However, eating, drinking or applying makeup could get you pulled over for driving without due care and attention.

If you are going to eat and drink while you drive, make sure you’re in complete control of the car at all times.

Snow on the roof of your car is dangerous

It might not snow all that regularly here in the UK but when it does, you always see people who have cleared their windscreens of snow but have neglected the roof of their vehicle. This could get you pulled over because that snow could fly off your roof and obscure another driver’s vision or it could slough forward and obscure yours.

Your visibility is important so if you’re seen with snow that could suddenly come hurtling down onto your windscreen, you could get pulled over and fined.

Stay safe out there on the roads and make sure you understand what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your car.

These laws aren’t in place to make driving less fun, they’re there to make the UK’s roads a safer place.