According to statistics, riding a motorcycle is a massive 27 times riskier than driving a car. Since motorcycles are significantly smaller than other vehicles, it’s essential that every road user takes the correct precautions to ensure that the road is safe to use for everybody.

Riding a motorcycle is as exciting and thrilling as it is dangerous, so it’s important for riders to first of all take full responsibility for their own safety and learn to not only use the right gear and driving styles to protect themselves, but also to anticipate any mistakes that other road users may make leading to increased risk for themselves. Unfortunately, motorbikes are one of the most dangerous vehicles to drive, but with the right safety techniques, you can minimise your risk.

Know Your Skills and Ability:

With the right skills and training, it can be fun to do stunts with a motorbike. But, don’t attempt any kind of riding that is above your current skill and ability level. It’s important to be honest with yourself regarding how skilled and experienced you really are, and ride accordingly. Skills will come with further experience, and if you want to learn any fancy stunts, the best way is to have an instructor show you.

Take a Safety Course:

Most countries will require you to take a motorcycle test before riding on the road, and in some cases, you may also be required to take a safety course as well. However, even if it’s not a legal requirement for you, it’s a wise idea to seriously consider it. Completing the course will give you a better understanding of traffic laws that apply to motorbikes, how to react to emergency situations, and give you the opportunity to practice in a controlled, safe environment.

Wear the Right Gear:

The clothing that you wear when riding your motorcycle can make all the difference to the level of protection that you are offered on the road. Riding in jeans and a sweatshirt can seem tempting in the warmer weather, but this offers little protection to your body in the event of an accident. Instead, it’s best to invest in high-quality motorcycle leathers and boots, and never ride without a sturdy helmet to protect your head. It’s also worth wearing a scarf or neck tube which you can get from an affordable supplier such as Braap Clothing, who are a popular Amsterdam-based motorcycle clothing shop who stock a range of protective accessories and fashion items. If you’re shopping for a scarf or neck tube, look for one that covers your face to keep it warm and shielded from flying debris on the road.

Avoid Bad Weather:

The dangers and risks of icy or wet road are even higher when you’re riding a motorcycle. If you’re planning a trip on your bike, it’s a wise idea to monitor the weather first. If the forecast suggests rain, wind or snow, it’s better to choose a different mode of transportation. If you have no choice but to ride your bike in bad weather, avoid setting off right after it starts.

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, you should always put your safety first!