I was very lucky to accompany Rebecca Jackson – also known as Rebecca Racer – to the Automechanika Show in Frankfurt to see Turtle Wax, her title sponsor. The video is a little diary of my trip as well as an exclusive after dinner speech by Rebecca.

After a very dull bus ride, I arrived at Heathrow and hopped on a plane with Rebecca where we caught up and discussed our plans for the next few days. Awaiting us was a huge trade show, lots of fun with Turtle Wax and a whole city to explore.

IMG_2812This was a great time for me to learn more about Rebecca’s Project Le Mans and what’s she’s been doing as a driver over the past few years. Project Le Mans is a five year plan to get Rebecca racing at the famous 24 hour endurance race in 2016.

She currently drives a Porsche Boxster in the Cartek Roadsports Endurance Series and has had a very successful season so far.


IMG_2816We had a good look round the show after arriving in the city but it was vast. We made a beeline to hall nine to say hello to Ravenol, another of Rebecca’s sponsors.

IMG_2822From there we wandered from hall to hall and I learnt so much. Rebecca is all knowing when it comes to the inner workings of cars and I’m not so she kindly gave me a lesson. Not only do I now know a little more about engines, brakes and the structure of a car but I’m excited to continue this education.

Because Automechanika is a trade show, there’s not a whole lot to to see for consumers. You’ll be able to get some ideas for tuning parts and cleaning supplies but unless you do a lot of work on your car, it might not be for you.

IMG_2940That being said, there are a lot of beautiful cars there. From the F1 cars of different sponsors to plenty of Abarth 500s, to racing trucks.

What’s next for Rebecca Racer?

I caught up with Rebecca after the show and asked her how she enjoyed our trip to Frankfurt. She said: “I really enjoyed the city, it was a different experience because it’s quite modern and I was in a brand new trendy apartment. It was a great experience.”

For me, Automechanika was a little overwhelming but Rebecca has the kind of background that means she can truly (understand) enjoy it. “It was awesome. It’s absolutely huge and I think you would definitely need several days to get round it all. Because of my interest in engineering and having grown up with it, it was great to be up close and personal with all the mechanical components.”
IMG_2964Alongside car launches and running her used car business, Rebecca has a busy week of races coming up too. “I’m racing at Donnington on 4th October, the last race of the season in my Porsche. I’m then at Snetterton on 5th October in a Morgan for the relay race.”

Project Le Mans is going well and Rebecca is very busy. I asked her what’s next for Rebecca Racer and she said: “I’m going to be named as a Michelin Inspirational woman for the third year in a row on 6th October. I’m also in talks with different teams for the future to help me reach my goal of Le Mans in 2016. There’s also a lot of other exciting stuff happening that I can’t tell you about just yet!”

Find out more about Rebecca Racer over at www.rebeccaracer.com.