So, it’s raining.

We got to see a relatively damp practice yesterday morning but from there things went to shit. We managed to shelter in the VIP tent but that became a bit redundant when the rain decided to move sideways. The wind picked up and we got (more) soaked. The bar blew across the room…

It doesn’t look like there will be any qualifying today but thankfully the weather is set to improve for race day.

So, I went to the track because Circuit of the Americas said everything should run on schedule and the FIA weren’t saying otherwise. We had to get the shuttle because our $200 muddy car park is closed and the shuttle is in downtown Austin so we had to pay bumped up Uber prices to get there – good start.

After waiting in a horrendous queueing system (not organised by Brits, obviously) and threatening to take down anyone who cut in front of me during the 30-minute rainy bus wait, we boarded a bus. AC at full pelt.

Once at the circuit, it was quite clear that there would be no running – except by me as I legged it to the barely-sheltered VIP area.

Absolutely drenched I waited for 1pm to roll around. Then they delays started to come as we watched T15 get progressively more flooded. The pit crews provided a little entertainment over the big screen but mostly I was cold, wet and miserable.


After the third delay, we abandoned ship.

A very wet walk later and we hopped on the shuttle back downtown. Despite the wet passengers’ cries for heating, the AC was still blasting.

Finally, an expensive Uber ride later, I’m back in my bug-infested hotel room. Yay?

It was clear this morning that qualifying wasn’t possible. Yet the FIA didn’t abandon the session. Why, you ask? TELEVISION. That’s why. This is worth a whole ‘nother blog post. perhaps even a video later on. Watch this space.

Well done to all the fans who braved it but perhaps a bigger well done to those of you didn’t and stayed dry.