Historic racing is big and with events such as the Silverstone Classic capturing the hearts of minds of spectators young and old, it’s no wonder there are so many of these series in the UK. We’ve teamed up with classic car hire platform BookAclassic to bring you a list of the classic race series you need to watch.

The most wonderful thing about all these series is the noise. Especially the Masters.

Classic Touring Car Racing Club

If you love old touring cars, this is the racing series for you. It features a wide range of gorgeous car split up by year and engine size. This is the perfect way to relive your childhood memories of touring cars.

Historic Sports Car Club

Within the HSCC, you’ll find everything from single-seaters, to sports cars, to pre-eighties endurance racing. Just walking around the paddock is an absolute joy. The Seventies Road Sports series is populated by road-legal production sports cars from the 1970s.

FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship

This is where you’ll find the Cobras and Lolas. It’s a close-running series populated by skilled drivers. You’ll wince every time they touch on track but ultimately it’s one of the most entertaining series out there. There’s money in this sport so the drivers are willing to risk an overtake, unlike a few other classic series with this level of cars.

Classic Sports Car Club

This is another club that has a whole host of race series to look out for. The Swinging 60s championship is made up of sports, saloon and GT cars from the 50s and 60s. It typically has large grids, which makes for some very exciting starts.

Classic Formula Ford

Formula Ford remains one of the most popular single seater series out there and the classic series is just as good to watch now as it was back in the day.

What historic race series do you love?