Car sharing is a popular way for individuals to pool their efforts together in order to enjoy a greater degree of efficiency when travelling.  While very convenient during the holidays or for professional needs, car sharing can also represent an excellent and potentially lucrative business opportunity.  

Much like any other venture, one of the keys to your ultimate success will involve obtaining the right level of exposure. Many individuals are therefore advertising their transportation services within the online community.  However, more is not necessarily better. As opposed to throwing enough jam on the wall in the hopes and some will stick, why not target your efforts in the right direction from the very beginning? Let us take a look at some expert marketing solutions that specifically address the car-sharing industry.

Location, Value and Reputation

There is little use advertising your car sharing service across the entire country, as you will naturally be limited by travel times and geographical restrictions.  This is why you should ALWAYS include the areas and locations of focus within any text and even within the title of your website. This will narrow down search queries and you can, therefore, receive inbound hits from pre-qualified customers.

There are many companies currently offering car-sharing services.  This is why yours needs to stand out from the masses. A clean and straightforward website will work wonders when promoting your business acumen.  Avoid banner ads, pop-up text and other annoying distractions; visitors might simply look elsewhere (and perhaps fall directly into the arms of your competitors).  There are many e-commerce templates that will help you design a stunning online interface (more on this in the next section).

Always seek reviews from your previous customers.  Word of mouth goes a long way in the car sharing business. Those who positively rate your services will likely come back for more and new users will appreciate this sense of transparency.  In the same respect, respond in a proactive manner to negative feedback; particularly if there is room for improvement.

The Role of Business-to-Business Sales

You need to obtain a reliable B2B ecommerce solution if you hope to excel.  This is why implementing efficient cloud-based software such as the packages currently offered by Shopify Plus is a great way to begin.  Some of the features of this service include (but is not limited to):

– Numerous secure payment gateways.

– 24/7 customer support if you happen to have a question.

– More than 20 marketing channels.

– Customised storefronts and a host of unique templates to choose from.

These systems will help to enhance your current branding while providing your company with the room that it needs to grow. Using substandard providers will result in nothing more than a long and frustrating process.  You could even sacrifice much-needed opportunities as a result. If you have just entered into the car-sharing community or you are looking to market your services to larger organisations, these business-to-business solutions will undoubtedly help.