I did it. I bought an Abarth 500.

I’m still feeling a bit giddy and smug about the whole thing so I won’t treat this as my official review of the car.

After a year of wanting this car, changing my mind a few times and franticly scrabbling money together, I finally own one of my dream cars (the others being a Ford Mustang, a Jaguar F-Type, a Caterham Seven and a Zenos E10).

God is it fun. I’ve been zooming all around Norfolk in this little car and it’s a joy. Perhaps not the most comfortable car in the world – thank you sports suspension – but definitely the most fun car I’ve driven.


As a lot of Abarth reviews mention, the driving position is very high. I’m still struggling to get my seat into the right place and the boyfriend is struggling even more. We’ll get there and it’s not as if it diminishes the amount of fun that can be had in that little red rocket.

In such a small car, the 1.4 turbo gives great acceleration and the whole thing is very agile. Weirdly, though, it’s more economic in sport mode (I’m not complaining…) and I’ve been getting around 38-40mpg over the last two weeks. It’s difficult getting used to a small fuel tank, though. I feel like I’m filling up a lot, and therefore spending money, but when a full tank only costs £35, I’m not exactly breaking the bank.

The car has a couple of problems and will be going back to the garage tomorrow to get sorted out (hole in the wheel lacquer and potential steering/wheel alignment issues – but that could be us just not being used to the suspension).


Watch this space for a full review. For now, I’m going to spend time zooming around country lanes listening to loud rock music.