It’s so easy to forget that despite every precaution to make Formula One safe, serious accidents still happen. I’m glad I didn’t watch F1 in those early years because I don’t want to get used to this feeling.

Marussia’s Jules Bianchi went off the track during a wet Japanese Grand Prix as a recovery truck was tending to Adrian Sutil’s car, which had crashed the lap before. Sutil was out of the car unharmed but Bianchi’s car hit the recovery truck and he was rushed to hospital with ‘a severe head injury’.

The podium ceremony was very muted and it seems that almost everyone agrees that the race winner and championship battle is irrelevant when something like this happens.

This morning we got the news that Bianchi had undergone surgery and was in intensive care. Other than that we had very little news until we heard from FIA head of communication Matteo Bonciani. He said Bianchi is ‘critical but stable’.

Bonciani also added: “It should be understood that it is very, very serious.”

My thoughts are with Jules and his family.