If you’re in the market for a new car and haven’t yet considered leasing the Evoque – or if you just need a reminder as to why it’s the obvious way to go – then we’re here to tell you why it’s the car to drive right now and how leasing can get you what you want when you want it for the least hassle possible.

We’ll start with some basic principles of leasing. If you’re thinking of buying, we’ve got some seriously good reasons to rethink your strategy.

Cut out the long-term cost of depreciation: It’s common knowledge that cars don’t hold their value very well, and even after driving just a few yards from the showroom your newly purchased Evoque will have dropped thousands of pounds’ worth of value all over the road. The problem is that you’ll only come to figure out the loss you’ve made when you finally come to sell the car.

Free up some serious capital

Buying a brand new Evoque, even you opt for a finance agreement, means investing a lot of cash right at the beginning. Buying outright can mean dishing out tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of pounds, and even a finance agreement deposit can swallow a hefty 10% of the car’s value. Even then, there are the monthly payments which are often much higher than those that come with a leasing arrangement.

Keeping up with the car maintenance

Car owners know only too well how much of a burden maintenance can be, both in terms of cost and management. Leasing companies will often offer very competitively priced maintenance contracts that take away any of the usual headaches.

Sell on and buy vs. drop and go

When you find yourself itching for a new ride, you’d be forgiven for putting it off for a few months if you’ve got a car to sell on first. Selling takes time, money, and often a lot of waiting whether you choose to advertise, trade, or auction. Go for an Evoque leasing deal and when you come to the end of your pre-determined lease period you’ll find you’re free to drop off the car and slip straight behind the wheel of your new ride.

The issue with buying used and abused

Any car with a previous owner will have had to handle a little abuse in its lifetime, and there’s no telling when that abuse could catch up with you. Whilst buying a used car can help avoid the initial depreciation associated with purchasing a new car, it will often lead to further costs in terms of upkeep and general running. Newer cars are becoming more efficient all the time, and are always lowering emissions. The Evoque models with the lowest emissions will also deliver better MPG, bringing running costs down further.

Perhaps a 4×4 wasn’t what you had in mind when you first thought of getting a new car, but we’ve got some pretty good reasons to pick the Evoque over a regular saloon.

First of all, it’s not your typical 4×4. The Evoque exudes luxury from its very core, delivering top-of-the-range crafting both outside and in. It’s the best-selling car in its class, and it’s not surprising considering the quality of the finish and the features it delivers.

Under that sharp-as-steel shell, there’s a nine-speed automatic gearbox, rear parking sensors, and steering wheel mounted gearshift paddles. Fancy taking a trip off-road at the weekend? No problem, and no need to shell out for a rental car because your weekday whizz-around can’t handle it. Land Rover’s Hill Descent Control and Terrain Response also make this executive car a true all-rounder. You can drive it pretty much anywhere you might want to, and you’ll be doing it high up, in style, and – with engines ranging from a 148bhp 2.0 TD4 to a 237bhp 2.0 Si4 – with the speed and economy to suit your own needs.

Of course, if you’re considering driving anything as good as the Evoque, you’re going to want to show your good taste to the crowds of onlookers. Neither you or they will be disappointed by the up-to-20” alloys, LED running lights, cavernous 420-litre boot and, secret to those on the outside but invaluable to those inside, heated leather seats, two-zone climate control, and a five-star Euro NCAP rating.

Now imagine having all of that for as little as £227.28 per month from Vantage Leasing.