I’ll be honest, despite being British, I don’t really like Lewis Hamilton. I don’t mind seeing him win but as a person I find him a bit of a dick. There’s something about his style and the way he holds himself that grates on me.

I think this comes from his Plato-years when he was complaining about everything. If something went wrong he was always first to blame the team or the car. Thankfully he would thank the team when stuff went right.

He’s changed a lot over the years and I have to say he’s getting better. He went through a stage of looking so very grumpy when he only picked up a second or third but now things are going his way, you’re not seeing so much of that.

I get this, I really do, and I think all of this is what makes him a phenomenal racer. That’s what’s so annoying! I want to hate the way he gets grumpy with a second place because Jesus, dude, you got second, a bit of a smile wouldn’t go amiss! But as Ayrton Senna said: ‘second is first of the losers’. Why be happy with second best when you’re capable of first?

Lewsi2I think it’s Lewis’ aggressive brand of passion that makes him one of the greatest drivers of our time. At a very superficial level this makes him seem like a bit of dick and that coupled with his over-the-top party-boy style makes people dislike him.

When you vehemently dislike someone, it’s difficult to see their good points and so often I get even more angry at Lewis for two things:¬†Firstly for being so good for the sport and secondly for being actually quite a nice person, especially when it comes to the fans.

It’s frustrating because I find myself growing fond of Lewis. I’ve changed, man.

As well as being a passionate and dedicated racer, he’s a celebrity in his own right. In the US he’s making waves and that’s great news for a sport that needs a bit of a helping hand to break into the American market.¬†

In terms of how he treats fans, it’s no wonder he has such a crazy dedicated following. During the recent Austin Grand Prix – which I can very much attest to being a washout (at least for the first two days) – he went to greet fans in the main grand stand who had braved the weather and multiple delays to the qualifying that was eventually postponed until the Sunday.

If there was ever a reward for standing in the wind and rain with no racing to watch, that’s it. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for the fans who stayed out there with a little hope to see their favourite driver, I’m sure they’d say it was well worth it.

LewisWhat I’m trying to say is that Lewis isn’t the cocky douche you think he is. Sure, the way he acts might be a bit like a petulant child at times but that’s okay because his life and soul goes into racing. Consistency and points are so important but if you’re not out there to win then you’re never going to be a successful driver. You need to always strive for the win and not settle for second best.

I have to stop myself looking at Lewis’ life outside of racing and criticising him for it. I look at his stupid gold chains, partying habits and over the top bling and think to myself ‘what a dick’.¬†

I’m the dick. He’s a three-time world champion and one of the best racing drivers in the world. He can do what the fuck he likes. We need to stop criticising him for having fun and making the most of the lifestyle his talent has brought him.

From someone who doesn’t like Lewis very much, I’m saying let’s give him a break – not that he cares what we think – because when it comes down to it, he’s an amazing, passionate racing driver and that’s all that matters.