The Lexus GS450h is the latest model among the GS family lineup and is considered the most powerful. The car is all about performance, luxury and economy depending on how one drives it. The care is very powerful and is not that sporty as compared onto the other versions of the GS. The car is comfortable and is luxurious as it is the case with most of Lexus vehicles.

Some of the features

Driving on the road is very comfortable as the Lexus GS450h offers tranquility that is much sorted after. The model is able to ensure that there is no engine noise and is able to keep the road noise away. It is rather a plush vehicle as it has seats that are comfy and soft. This is ultimately luxurious as compared to most of the cars in the market. The interior says it all as it is soothing to any driver and passenger.

It is also fitted with a bamboo interior trim that is optional and its cabin usually brightens significantly. For the driver the steering wheel that has a bamboo finishing gives one an adrenaline-charge. The GS450h does not have a tachometer but is fitted with a charging and power gauge next to the car’s speedometer. The car is very exciting to handle as having a tachometer and also making a switch to sport ends up sending more power to the drive motor boosting the role of acceleration.

What sets the GS450h apart from the rest?

TEST DRIVE: Lexus GS450h Hybrid

The car is powerful and it has two electric motors and each has its function. The one located under the hood is responsible for charging as the other found in the car’s rear differential is helpful in driving the wheels. Most of the GS models have a 6 speed transmission but the GS450h has an 8 speed transmission. The rear differential is able to work hand in hand with Atkinson cycle V6 hybrid type engine. This is able to produce about 338hp which is 32hp more than the other GS models. The Lexus GS450h is able to beat other models in economizing the energy consumed. Though the model is slower when accelerating, it has a record of 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds which is lower when compared to the rest of the GS lineup.


The pricing of the GS450h in 2013 is not different from the prices in 2012. The car can be acquired at a start of $49, 825. The price sets itself apart from other cars therefore giving a buyer a sense of luxury when bought. There are a number of luxury packages that can be included which includes the following:

  • Adjustable front seats (18-way)
  • 18 inch wheels (standard are 17 inch)
  • Pre-collision system fitted with cruise control
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Better leather interior

The Lexus has been able to turn the GS into a sporty car that has many enthusiasts satisfied. This can be due to its outward look, the power transmitted, its efficiency and many other attributes.

Through the dvla contact number, someone driving in the UK is able to register their newly acquired Lexus GS450h. the number makes it easy to use the road legally and offers fast services too.

Photo credits: bizmac and Inhabitat via photopin cc