Lexus has revealed its all-new IS range, which will be launched in the UK this summer. The line-up, unveiled at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit, includes the first full-hybrid IS, the IS 300h, together with the petrol-powered IS 250.

Both versions feature rear-wheel drive and will be available with a further evolution of Lexus’s F Sport package.

The new range isn’t just more advanced in terms of driveability but the styling utterly beautiful too. It’s not often you’ll hear me talk about how pretty the front grille of a car is but the Lexus IS has a stunning face.

Junichi Furuyama, IS Chief Engineer, explained: “We adopted an entirely different approach to the development of the new IS. Rather than develop each individual aspect in the hope they will combine to offer an engaging driving experience, we first established the kind of driving experience owners desire. With this as our initial premise, we then developed the individual performance elements to support it.

Lexus grille

“Every aspect of the new IS has been engineered with a focus on sporting performance, agile handling, accurate response to driver input and highly communicative feedback.”

The new IS focused on the luxury that you would expect from Lexus but with a more sporty feeling as soon as you get behind the wheel.

Exterior design


The new IS is inspired by the mean-looking Lexus LF-CC concept car and displays its own interpretation of the spindle front grille arrangement that has become an iconic and sexy hallmark of all new Lexus models. Overall the impression is of power, elegance and a stronger brand identity. As a marketing person with a penchant for pretty cars, a strong brand identity that makes a car instantly recognisable hits all the right buttons for me.

Interior design


The cabin design is clean and elegant — exactly what you’d expect from a Lexus — plus the new-design driver’s seat is ergonomically designed to be more comfortable and provide better lateral support.

The IS has a longer wheelbase and slightly more width, this means that passengers sitting in the back of the car won’t feel so cramped and there will be plenty of space of luggage too.

New IS in the UK

New IS equipment and technical specifications and other information specific to the UK market models will be announced at a later date.