So, Sky is showed the Lotus car launch on Sky Sports News. That’s all good and well but I can’t get that channel, despite paying for the HD package so I can get Sky Sports F1. That’s a bit stupid, isn’t it? We had to huddle around the iPad to watch the launch. Thank god it was short and they got on with showing us the car. Anyway…

The E21

Anyway, onto the vehicle of the moment. The E21 doesn’t exactly live up to Lotus’ hash tag of #ImSexyAndIKnowIt but it’s no repulsive (I don’t have horrible icky feelings like I did when I watched last year’s Ferrari launch).

Everything is in the right places but the sponsorship just doesn’t look right. The huge red splodges don’t look right with the black and gold branding.

I am surprised to see the stepped nose but James Allison made a good point in that the cosmetic panel would just add weight to the car. I think we are all so used to the weird noses that no one will really bother with the face lift. Unless, of course, it gives some aerodynamic benefit.


I love the Kimi bit on the top of the unveiled car but those side pods would look so much better in black and gold. I also don’t like the Burn sponsorship on the front wing. It looks like it says ‘bum’ and the little flame looks so out of place.

I suppose it’s good that everything I’m talking about is aesthetic but I’m sure as more cars are launched, the more technically-minded among us will begin to point out stuff that’s a bit more interesting than looks.

Kimi’s race suit looks silly with the red too. I wish they’d stuck to black and gold with just a few flecks of red. The shoulders and just too much now.