Let’s be honest. Moving a house, shipping a new item bought on eBay or moving your entire office across countries or even to the next city over can be a troublesome event. Most people would prefer DIY solutions or would hire a transport company.

We’ve already been using some smart and eco-friendly new methods of mobility. Most people know how Uber or BlaBlaCar work, though we still seem to be missing some parts of the puzzle. Road transport accounts for around 20 percent of air pollution, according to Eurostat. This information should not only raise awareness about how we can reduce air pollution but It should be an impulse to actually take action.

There are many ways in which we can change the way we transport things to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. One of them is optimising international transport services. Clicktrans.com was created to change the way we ship things. Not only that but it vastly contributes to better, more mindful and more efficient transport practices. It’s also comfortable, quick and easy for people who need to transport stuff.

People looking for a transport company are able to choose from 20 thousand transport providers. After listing an item, customers get quotes, accept one quote or just get to know the prices. It is easy to check transport providers’ profiles and choose the one who meets all requirements. Feedback from customers, number of jobs completed and categories of items they transport are all listed to help the user make a decision.

On the other hand, this type of website attracts transport providers, who register to find return loads. So-called ’empty running’ happens when a trucker has to drop off delivery in the destinated location and drive back to the base empty. It is a huge waste of time and money, not to mention its harmful impact on the environment.