I’m not one to talk about conspiracy theories. I’m not one of those people that thinks the moon landing was faked or that there’s some RBR conspiracy to sabotage Mark Webber.

I just think the poor guy is massively unlucky. Perhaps it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Helmut Marko says Mark cracks under pressure and then Mark Webber cracks under pressure.

Qualifying and the race were both quite stressful for me as a Webber fan. Notice I don’t say Red Bull fan. I was, I loved Vettel almost as much as Webber but since Malaysia I’ve lost all respect for the fuzzy German.

It’s not that he overtook Webber when he was told not to. I love that fighting spirit and defiance. It’s more the fact that he apologised then completely went back on that and said he would do it again. He is arrogant, but before this that arrogance has been endearing. He’s right to be arrogant, he’s a great driver but when he’s generally being a two-faced dick-bag, I’m less impressed.

Mark Webber conspiracy?

There is no Mark Webber conspiracy. What team would sabotage one of their drivers and risk a Constructor’s Championship win?

“Forget conspiracy,” Christian Horner said. “It is all about getting two cars to finish as high as we can.”

Firstly, Webber ran out of fuel during qualifying, which had him starting the race from the pitlane. During the race everything seemed to be going well. I was getting excited, I thought he might have a chance to beat Vettel. Then, following a pitstop, one of his rear wheels came off and went careening across the track, causing some other drivers to take evasive action.

The pit crew hadn’t put the wheel on properly and as a result Webber’s race was over. He also has a three-place grid penalty for Bahrain for causing a collision with Jean-Eric Vergne.

I can see why people think that might point to a conspiracy. Neither the fuel issue or wheel loss – nor the overtake in Malaysia – are down to Webber’s own failings. Perhaps it’s not he who cracks under pressure but his half of the team.

Mark Webber, unluckiest man alive. (Possibly an exaggeration.)