The McLaren build up to their car launch was painfully teasing. There was a rather sad tribute to Bruce McLaren followed by all sorts of old cars driving past the lake and through the beautiful McLaren building.

The old cars are exquisite and it was great to see a Le Mans car in there too. Jenson Button and newbie Sergio Perez came out in a McLaren P1 and McLaren Spider respectively. That P1 is a feat of engineering and the bodywork based on all those tracks is just stunning.

The MP4-28 itself doesn’t look hugely different. There’s no stepped nose, the rear wing looks a bit imposing and those side-pods are probably fake…

The car looks so hot though, as McLarens always do. Jenson said there was a lot different about the car, despite it not looking too different. Hopefully enough to make a big difference for this season.

Natalie Pinkham’s role in the launch was attractive and amusing. For the most part she sounded like she was doing a reading in church. However, she looked hot as hell – as always.

Image credit: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes