New cars are the best cars. Nothing beats the feel of them. Sitting down in a new vehicle immediately switches on your brain that a new chapter in life just started. Most people don’t go through this experience. They just sit back strolling through life without ever testing out what the future looks like. If you try out a new supercar, it’s like you are one of the select few that can push the edge of human achievement a little bit further.

Speed and power go hand in hand. When we look at modern movies, we often see superheroes that struggle to control their enhancements. The Flash is faster than light, his quality is speed. The Hulk is super strong, and he struggles to control his power. But, if you are brave enough for the challenge, you could be just like them, and test yourself to your limits.

You can visit a supercar showroom, and take your pick. Would you like to be fast like the Flash, powerful like the Hulk, or both? Click here to learn more about supercars.

The McLaren 600LT

With this car, you will feel the need for speed. You sit down in it, and you feel a craving in the back of your mind. Everything around you lights up like you’re in a spaceship that’s bravely engineered. A sound from the exhausts creates a soundtrack that strikes your ears and makes you appreciate the aesthetic around you. You have been through time, and you are now in the future.

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The only thing that could be faster than you in the 600LT would be a plane. Only an aircraft in the air would be able to humble this monster of a supercar. It has a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine that can burst it out from zero to sixty in under 3 seconds. That would be 2.8 seconds if we were to be specific. If you’d like to do the same thing without the roof of it, it would take two-tenths of a second more. We bet you won’t be able to notice the difference at all.

It has a seven-speed dual clutch as a transmission. The design aimed to inspire. Everyone that worked on it was inspired, and it continues to do so everywhere it passes. This supercar earned its place in the Longtail series with its raw strength and speed. It combines everything that a man can’t do on his own. It’s a partner that’s with you for a good time and a long time.

This is an exclusive model. Usually, the price of a Mclaren 600LT goes above many people’s perception of what a sports car should cost. But, it’s well worth every single dollar spent on it. It instantly feels like money well spent because it gives an opportunity that almost no one on Earth has. With it, the only thing faster than you would be a plane. A year ago, that wouldn’t be even possible, but now it can be bought.

The McLaren 600LT Spider

This is the brother of the previous model. They’re practically the same, but at the same time, they’re entirely different. It’s like twins that share a completely different personality. The Spider is more aggressive, it wants to bend the rules and tries to change the game. The entire supercar market thinks that both of these things have been done by this Longtail.  It’s focused, and it’s ready to rumble.

Just like in the eastern martial arts, this car has a lowered stance and a wider track. The old masters lowered their stance to have more control over their center of gravity. This allowed them to explode with energy when the time was right and defeat their opponents. This car is equipped with the same attitude and the same performance.

With the simple push of a button, your senses are overwhelmed, and all of the elements entertain your thoughts. It isn’t only the rush of air and the sun. You can feel its heart pumping in the form of a V8 engine that roars through the exhaust system. It is a hardcore supercar that comes in a focused package. It’s capable of making sharp movements, something that will never grow old. Here is some more info that you might be interested in

To get the feeling, you just need to take it for one drive. That’s all it takes to be hooked on it. The magic of genius engineering will unfold at your fingertips and your feet. The fantastic and powerful braking system will make your old car seem unsafe. When you drop the roof, you’ll get the feeling portrayed in the Fast and Furious franchise. Every crack and pop of the gearshift will be like a roar that will blow your mind. Get ready for a surprise because hidden ones are waiting to be uncovered.

If you don’t have the newest car, then you will never be able to experience the best of the best when it comes to human progress. Billions are spent each year to improve this marvel of human achievement and transportation. And with it, the feelings and the capabilities rise up exponentially. Small and subtle differences between these models make it hard to choose which one is better, but that depends solely on you.

The 600LT series has characteristics that will definitely blow away all of your senses and put you outside of your comfort zone. They are a force to be reckoned with, but they will not give you the entire control. You will need to prove that you are capable and worthy of driving these supercars. They have multiple modes in which they can be pushed, and based on your personal preferences, you can pick and choose. Be prepared to break every boundary that was holding you back, and follow up with pursuing the ultimate thrill, which is to step on the gas and enjoy the drive.