After last year’s adventures in Croatia, Bosnia, and Italy, I’m just about ready to get on the road again so when Kwik Fit got in touch asking me to talk about my next road trip, I jumped at the chance.

I was on my way back from a ski trip to Banff when the boyfriend and I were discussing our driving plans for this summer. We’ve been talking about doing an epic drive around Europe for a while and finally have the bare bones in place.

The trip will start and end in Berlin, making it easy to hire and drop off a car. It also means we won’t have to spend time driving from the UK to Germany, we’ve done that before.

I might be getting old but I’m dreaming of a robust 4×4 over a sports car, but anyway… We start in Berlin.

From there we’ll head south with the main goal of getting to Lichtenstein. I just want to go to a country that’s only 22km across. It’s also supposed to be fairytale pretty (see above).

Then into Austria and the Alps. I’m really looking forward to this part. I’ve been snowboarding in Austria but I’m excited to see a proper mountain range in the summer. Again, it’s going to be fairytale pretty and I want to stop at all the castles.

Onwards then to the Czech Republic, a place I genuinely know very little about save for its turbulent past. We’re going to be spending a couple of nights here to explore its history and immerse ourselves in the local culture.

Next comes the star of our trip, Poland. We’ll head to Krakow and will take a trip to Auschwitz. I think this is an important part of human history and it’s because of this I think everyone should visit. The more people who are touched by the tragic and barbaric things that went on there and at other Nazi death camps, the less likely it ever is to happen again.

It’s going to be a difficult part of the trip but it’s important from a historical point of view. While in Poland, we’ll also explore some cheerier, more modern history and culture. We’re also going to take a day off driving to make the most of very cheap beer.

Finally, we’ll motor back to Germany to see some more of the sights and drop off a car we’ve no doubt become attached to.

I’m excited about this trip because it’s going to be so different to our last. It’s going to be less about beautiful coastal vistas and more about European history and mountain roads.

What’s your idea of the perfect European road trip?