Audi you filthy, filthy Germans, I knew you could be a bit freaky what with your Frankfurters and all but this takes it to another level. I never expected to be YouTube surfing today and come across something so raw and dirty. I mean a stripped back Audi R8 V10 Plus, Audi’s latest addition to the now aging R8 range.

Due for replacement in the next couple of years I think Audi have partially released this video to show that their R8 still means business, while at the same time releasing it for the pure purpose of making car fans go weak at the knees. What we see and ultimately hear is the R8’s 550bhp V10 sans any rear bodywork, engine cover and most importantly any form of emissions conscious exhausts on a dyno, with someone giving it the full beans. The best moment for me is the overrun towards the end, where some flames are gurgled and spat out from the downpipes either side of that gearbox which hangs out the back of the car like some mutated tail.

Speaking of that gearbox, now is probably a good time to mention what extra the R8 Plus benefits from. One thing is that very gearbox, now a double clutch S-tronic providing slicker, quicker shifts. It also gets revised stiffer suspension bigger bucketty seats a slight weight loss and crucially 25bhp more than the normal (I use the word normal in the smallest sense) R8 V10. Prices for the Plus start at £124000 if you are interested.

To drive, well I’ve had the privilege to have a go in a V10 Gallardo and that car despite it being 5 years old went like a greased Frankfurter out of a hot dog bun so I can vouch that Audi’s more highly tuned, more refined V10 will be phenomenal. But you don’t need me to tell you that, in fact I’ll stop yabbering and just let the video do the talking over and over and over again.

Thank you Audi, you made my day.

photo credit: Adcuz via photopin cc