Three things stand out to me about this launch.


The new car has an amazing new paint job. The metallic blue of the livery we’ve seen over the past years now flicks over beautifully to purple on parts of the car. This is, apparently, going to be reflected in the 2013 race suits too. I don’t know why this has me a little giddy.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Clearly the car manufacturer is playing a larger part in the sponsorship of the team this year. Nothing wrong with that but the name is just too long now. Will people really start calling the team by its full name? (I think not. It’s not as if anyone calls McLaren ‘Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ unless forced.)

The most underwhelming launch ever

We’re going to launch a car! Get excited! Now, here’s a prerecorded video of the car. Ta-da.

I was a little annoyed by this. Being one of the coolest brands around, I expected Red Bull to do something spectacular with a live launch. Perhaps with fighter jets, motorbike tricks and some pretty cars.

There is a new video out that has the pretty drivers talking about the car but it’s not the same as a real live launch.

Adrian Newey seemed a little bemused by the idea of launching a car like this. He said: “What’s really changed Formula 1 over the last 10 or more years is the rate of development through the year.

“It used to be that if you came out with a dominant car at the start of the year, as long as you were reliable it would win the championship,” explained Newey, a man with plenty of experience of delivering winter bombshells to rivals.

“That’s not the case anymore. It really is a case of continual development. Where you’ve got stable regulations, you can almost picture a new car as another evolution for another race.

“It just happens that this time we’ve had two months between races rather than two weeks.”

I suppose that’s as good a reason for a quiet launch as any…