Sebastian Vettel quadruple world champion

I’ve been calling him a quadruple world champion for the past three races but now it’s official! We all expected it, what with Vettel’s/Red Bull’s sheer dominance this season. Firstly, congratulations and a huge well done to him an the team, what a feat.

However, we need to talk about this domination. Back when Schumi was winning all the things, the rules were changed to give Ferrari less of an advantage. Is this fair? Probably not. Does it make things more interesting? Hell to the fuck yes.

Adrian Newey is a clearly a genius (I think this last championship makes him an eleven-time world champion) and Seb is a great driver. If anyone wants to argue with me on that final point, please see my tweets from during the Indian Grand Prix. This combo is bound to make them dominant and although I’d like to see some other teams competing for the title (*cough* Caterham *cough*), I think it’d be a shame to take this all away from Red Bull.

I think it’s safe to say I’m a closet Red Bull fan and that’s not going to change when Webber leaves but think how much more exciting those victories will be when there’s a Ferrari/Mercedes/Caterham challenging for pole or the top step of the podium.

I’m hoping the drastic rule changes for next year will shake things up a bit.

I’d love to know how you feel about Vettel’s/Red Bull’s dominance over this last year and if you think it’ll continue into 2014 too.