Breakdowns are an annoying element of the driving experience, we’ve all had that stomach-sinking moment when the engine light comes on and the car decides it doesn’t want to go any further. Which is why it pays to take on good breakdown cover for those unhelpful moments.

The RAC asked parents of first-time drivers how they felt about their kids getting behind the wheel and their fears. The research discovered that parents were more afraid of their child being in a serious accident (73%) than breaking down (10%) but their fears increased if they thought their child was going to break down in the middle of nowhere (17.65%).

In the UK, according to the research, the top reason for breakdowns in the UK is a non-serviceable battery, followed by punctured or damaged tyres and road traffic accidents. When it comes to where the most breakdowns occur in the UK, the RAC discovered that in 2016 Croydon was the area with the highest amount (1352), while Reading had the lowest amount of breakdowns outside of London (739).

This research also uncovered some interesting data around first-time drivers and whether they would have their own car after passing their test. According to the results, 41% of those learning to drive are 17 years old and 49% of parents said that their kids will have their own car once they had passed their test. Figures many of us would be envious of!

You can view the rest of the research below, let us know your thoughts and whether your kids will be enjoying their own car when they pass – or if they’ll have to share the family one with you!