Long gone are the times when Range Rovers where the sole property of the gentry. Today Range Rovers are associated as much with glitz, glamour, drug dealing and D list celebs as they are tweed, hunting and country estates. Land Rover it seems embraced this culture change back in 2005 with the Range Rover Sport’s release and now 8 years later they have just leaked a video of the 2nd generation RRS.

The video which is deliberately vague shows the new RRS being driven into a container, presumably for its shipping across the Atlantic ready for its official public reveal in New York ahead of the NY motor show. And judging by the numbers and letters stamped to the piece of paper, 26NY03DC, on which the man signs DC (David Coulthard?) we can but assume the car will be unveiled on the 26th of this Month by a Scottish racing driver.

What can we tell from the video then? Firstly and most obviously the RRS is considerably smaller than its big brother, the wheelbase as it drives in is short and the roof looks low, hinting that the new car will be less slab sided as the outgoing car. Clearly the RRS is going to borrow design queues from both the Evoque and big RR, this can be seen in the wrap around lights front and back which run into a defined waistline. There are also the trademark horizontal metal gills above and behind the front wheel arches. All that and the fact the car clearly has 4 fairly large wheels is all we can tell from the video, the rest is an educated guess.

LED running lights for starters are likely to feature helping the front of the car cater to the glitzy, chintzy buyers out there, there will also probably be a paint chart with numerous shades of white, a burnt amber and probably a couple of browns for some unknown reason. Inside, expect unparalleled  levels of luxury, leather, wood, brushed aluminium and carbon fibre effect trims will all be available along with enough gadgets to get an Apple employee hot under the collar. Not to mention mood lighting and a sound system better than that in some boutique clubs.

On top of the luxuries no Land Rover despite its glamorous outward appearance will be rubbish off road. The car will probably borrow the big RR all new terrain response system which if you’re not up for twisting a nob on the centre console to say what road surface (or lack of surface) you’re on, can detect automatically and adjust the cars ride height, gear ratio’s and drive wheels accordingly. There is only one slight problem the new RRS might face off road and the clues in the name, Sport. Will the new car be high enough to clear a particularly big boulder or kerb stone depending on how/where it’s driven?  Time will tell of course once the road testers get their hands on it.

Lastly engines, again the new RRS will borrow heavily from Jaguar Land Rovers engine stable. Expect TDV6 and SDV8 diesels providing unholy levels of torque while returning mpg in the mid to high 30’s. Or if you are clinically insane and enjoy spending 90% of your life at the petrol station there is likely to be a supercharged V8 petrol in the line-up too.

More interestingly the RRS might be the first big 4×4 in the company’s history to get a 4 cylinder diesel like that in the Jag XF 2.2 diesel.  A hybrid powertrain featuring batteries mated to an internal combustion engine is also likely to feature in the line-up, catering to the diesel phobic Americans more than anyone else. On top of the new engines expect weight to be significantly reduced too, with more aluminium being used in its construction, more good news for fuel economy. Prices? Likely to be slightly higher than the outgoing car given all the new tech, starting around 55 to 60k

There we have it then, a lot of speculation right now but it will not be long until the covers come off the successor to one of Land Rovers most profitable model ranges. Footballer’s wives across the globe take in a collective breath in anticipation for what will undoubtedly be a great car, as long as you can look past some potential owners and the fabulous accessories darling. 

Image credit: KGP Photography