Over the 9th and 10th June a very exciting Guinness World Record attempt is going to take place. Racing driver Rebecca Jackson and motoring journalist Andrew Frankel will be taking n Audi A6 Ultra through as many countries as they can on one tank of fuel.

The car

The Audi A6 Ultra is the perfect car for this journey as it can easily get 67mpg and that’s before Audi’s engineers and the RAC Route Planning team have had their say.

BEH_6161There are a number of stipulations the team has to adhere to. Nothing can be changed on the car and no standard parts can be taken out to reduce the weight of the vehicle. The only elements that can be controlled are tyre pressures, speed and the amount of luggage carried in the vehicle.

Audi has worked hard to work out the optimum tyre pressures for the journey and these will be monitored closely. The optimum speed for the journey will be 56mph and there’s a lot of planning that’s gone into the route.

The route

The RAC Route Planning team have come up with a route that starts in the Netherlands and winds through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Italy towards the Balkans. Time has been taken to plan a route which avoids motorways, built-up areas, roadworks, mountain roads, and wrong turns as these will all increase fuel consumption.

Stops will be minimised meaning the car will be driving almost continuously over the two days. The Audi will be followed by a support car, which will carry other members of the team, the Guinness World Record adjudicator, and all the luggage needed for the trip.

You can track the trip and see how the team are getting on here.